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What Is Construction Cost Consulting?

The practice of quantifying building materials, labor, and processes in terms of both time and cost is known as construction cost consulting. This is done to put together budgets or estimates with varied levels of information, assess construction bids and bid documents, and determine the project’s worth.


Through pre-construction budget research, market analysis, and value engineering, Collab Management can offer insight on investments and reduce project risk thanks to its significant consulting experience in Western Canada.

Feasibility Review for any Construction Project

The course of action to be taken in a construction project depends on a variety of variables. 

You might be having some common doubts:

On Vancouver Island, we currently serve a wide range of institutional and private clients in addition to developers and financial organizations. For both private clients and governmental organizations in Western Canada, we have offered cost consultancy, mortgage monitoring, estimating, dispute resolution, project management, and other financial services on construction projects with a combined value of over three billion dollars.

Our experience spans practically every facet of the construction industry, including new residential, institutional, industrial, and commercial projects as well as projects involving renovations, seismic upgrading, and exterior envelope remediation. The projects have varied in size up to $100 million.

Why Collab Management

Collab Management is aware that every owner wants to have the greatest facilities they can within their means. By offering constant and timely cost guidance, cost planning, and value management during the project’s design phases, we help to achieve this goal.

In addition to providing cost advice to the design team as needed at all phases of the design process, we create estimates at the designated stages of the design or as requested by the client and design team.

At the schematic design estimate stage, we collaborate with the design team to confirm the initial budget. We then track this budget through a succession of estimates that culminate with the project’s final pre-tender estimate, which is still within the predetermined budget.

We shall work with the design team to implement changes that will bring the project back into compliance with the budget if we discover at any point during the design process that the expected costs exceed the budgetary limits.

Each estimate’s pricing will be precise and based on actual costs discovered through general contractors, trade contractors, and suppliers in the project market at the time each estimate is created. We stay up to date on the state of the construction market today and in the years to come.

We add our knowledge to the project’s value management. When we feel that the proposed concept can be accomplished through a different, less expensive method without sacrificing the design purpose, we offer design suggestions while performing the estimations.


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